Congress MLA JN Ganesh issues apology, but denies brawl with Anand Singh
Congress MLA JN Ganesh, who allegedly indulged in a brawl with another MLA Anand Singh at Eagleton Resort in Bengaluru has expressed that he is personally pained after the incident took place and wanted to apologise to the latter, while blatantly denying reports of a brawl. JN Ganesh on being asked about the incident of brawl said, "Whatever you are thinking has not happened. Whatever is being shown (in the media) has not happened. It is all a lie. Bhima Nayak, Rana Singh and I were talking together then. I am personally pained after the incident. I did not hurt him, if he is hurt I along with my family will apologise to him." In a major embarrassment to Congress, Hosapete MLA Anand Singh and Kampli MLA JN Ganesh indulged in a brawl on January 20 at Eagleton Resort with the former sustaining head injuries. MLA Anand Singh has been admitted to Apollo hospital.

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