Demanding Alcohol Ban, Thousands Of Women March In Karnataka
About 4,000 women from across Karnataka have been marching for days, demanding a complete ban on production and sale of alcohol.

They came in thousands, from their villages in north Karnataka, walking all the way to Bengaluru. Wearing traditional saris, women who have suffered due to alcohol abuse by family members, made the long journey of over 200 km on foot to ask the state government to ban alcohol.
Wednesday morning, the women gathered in Malleswaram in the capital city. Ambika, a young woman from Ballari, now a part of the campaign said she had been regularly beaten by her drunken husband. She told NDTV."I have been suffering at the hands of my husband. He drinks every day, he is violent to me and keeps threatening me. I am dying as I live."

"I have come to protest with these women - and I will protest with them till I die. I am ready to die for this. I want to live independently. All these women are witness to what my husband did to me," she added.

Swarna Bhat, one of the chief organisers of the march told NDTV that about 4,000 women from all over Karnataka participated in the march. "We want complete prohibition - of production, sale and consumption of alcohol. Not a single politician has come to see us. This is disrespect to this big women's protest."

The women did get support from some prominent citizens in Bengaluru. Freedom fighter, HS Doreswamy, 100, makes it a point to support many social causes - and he was there to speak to the women. Theatre personality and actor, Arundhati Nag, was also deeply impressed by the spirit of the rural women. She told NDTV,"I think this just shows us how impotent urban women are. We take so long to react. Look at them. What must the pain of these thousands of women be that they have left their homes ten days ago, come walking and eating just two meals a day, sleeping in grounds. They are not going to have an easy time when they get back home. Their husbands are not going to spare them. But they have come out. It shakes you up."

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