No connection with IMA, says Zameer
Minority Welfare Minister B Z Zameer Ahmed Khan said on Wednesday he had no links with the scam-hit IMA Group, except for having sold them his property for which he received Rs 5 crore.

"That was in 2017. Before that, I had nothing to do whatsoever with this company," he told reporters.

Khan said he visited the IMA's office late last month after receiving WhatsApp messages that the company had defaulted on payments to investors. "In my capacity as the minister for minority welfare, I visited their office to inquire about the complaints. I was shown their gold stash and all that. They said payments had stopped for whatever reason," he said.

"People should've filed a police complaint as soon as the payments stopped, but they kept faith," Khan said and appealed to IMA founder Mohammed Mansoor Khan to resurface. "The government is committed to protecting the interests of the investors. That's why I've been running around for the last two days."

Khan refuted reports that he was targeting Shivajinagar legislator R Roshan Baig. "We're brothers. No one is conspiring against him."

He also said that he, along with other Congress Muslim leaders, had submitted to the chief minister and home minister a list of 25 assets belonging to the IMA promoter. "There's information that there are benami assets also," he said.

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